Yard Sale 2011

This past weekend, I put on my first yard sale in years. We are in a house now on a busy street, so I thought the opportunity would be great to declutter and get rid of stuff. The money would be nice, but getting rid of stuff would be even nicer.

So even though the weather called for rain showers, I decided to proceed. I began a few weeks ago gathering stuff and decluttering throughout the house. I put the stuff that I wanted to sell in the yard sale in one area of our basement and in our mudroom. I started pricing things on Thursday and Friday and bringing them up to our kitchen.

On Saturday morning I put everything out in our yard. (We put an ad in our local paper to advertise the sale)...and the sale was on. We only had to pull stuff up on our porch for about 10 minutes on Saturday during a brief shower. For the majority of the day the weather was great! Then after we got everything put away for the day, it started pouring down rain.

On Sunday, the weather was drizzly and cold, but we decided to go forth anyway. We didn't have a lot of stuff left, but a friend brought some of her stuff over and we proceeded to sell.

Overall our total profit for the two days was $175. My friend's profit was $50. I think that was great, considering we didn't advertise very much and I had priced things low because I just wanted to get rid of them. When all was said and done, I put the rest of the stuff in my car and took it to Goodwill Sunday night for a donation!

I am so glad to have the stuff out of our house and some extra money in my pocket! I consider the Yard Sale 2011 to be a success!


  1. For me that's key, pricing stuff very low, the more the better... 175 is not bad!! congrats!


  2. Glad you had a great yard sale. Hi! Just stopping by. Following you from the 'Who In the World? Wednesday' Blog Hop. Would love it if you 'like' my page: www.facebook.com/flightlessgoose or follow my blog: blog.writerslairbooks.com


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