What I learned from the A to Z challenge

the A to Z Blogging Challenge for April! is over! I am glad that I took part in it, however I am glad that it is over.

Blogging from A to Z Winner\

I am glad that I took part in the A to Z challenge. I learned several things from it.

1. It was hard to come up with a post for each letter of the alphabet. Some of the posts were easy and some were super hard.

2. I like the fact that I had a schedule, however I felt trapped in what I could write.

3. It showed me that I like the challenge, but I was self-critical if I couldn't come up with the perfect topic.

4. It showed me that I liked what I was doing with my blog before the challenge. I am looking forward to getting back on what I had been doing.

Thank you for sticking with me through the blogging challenge for April. It was an experience. Now back to regularly scheduled programming..... :-)


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