Quick, easy, cheap homemade Chocolate Pie!

For birthdays I usually try to make everyone a cake and decorate it by hand. I enjoy doing this and usually have been very creative. This past weekend we celebrated my Father-in-law's 75th birthday and he requested either an apple or a chocolate pie or chocolate cake. I know that my sister-in-law and niece are not fans of cake, so I decided to try my hand at making a homemade chocolate pie. (also since I used up my stock of cake mixes and frosting last month, I figured a chocolate pie would be cheaper!)

I have never made any type of homemade pie before...usually I just make a frozen pie that all I have to do is bake. So this was my challenge.

2 cups cold milk
2 -3.9oz packages of instant chocolate pudding mix
1 prepared pie crust (I used a chocolate crust)
1- 8oz container of cool whip thawed (I used a low fat cool whip)
1/2 cup chocolate shavings (I used an Easter rabbit and my grater to shave it.)

First you mix both packages of pudding with the milk, using a whisk.
(It helps to have a 4 year old helper to help you whisk!)

Then you spoon 1.5 cups of the prepared pudding into your crust.

Then you mix 1/2 of the container of cool whip with the remaining pudding in your bowl.

Spread this on top of your pudding layer.
 Add Cool whip garnish around the edges.
(I used a piping bag and cake decorating tip for this)

Garnish with chocolate shavings.
Cover and refrigerate for 4 hours.


The verdict was that the pie was a HUGE success! It was very light and was not too rich. There was only 1 small piece left when we were done. I will be adding this to my recipe files. It was quick, easy to make and cheap!

For my own reasons I did a price make up of this dessert. (Okay ,I did this to prove my mother-in-law wrong that it would be cheaper to buy a frozen pie....)

2 cups milk...$0.22
2 packs pudding...$.90
1 crust...$1.50
1 container cool whip....$0.90
Chocolate shavings...$0.10
Total cost to make this: $3.62 or $0.45 per serving.

That is what I call a GREAT price for a GREAT pie!

Have you made anything homemade this week? Tell me about it!

For more great cooking ideas, visit Keli at Feeding Four!


  1. LOL don't ya love when you prove the MIL wrong? And not only are homemade pies cheaper, but they taste so much better too!

    Thanks for sharing at What's Cooking Thursdays.



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