Menu Plan and Grocery Shopping

On Mondays I share my grocery shopping from the weekend and my menu plan for the next week. I do this to keep an eye on my grocery spending ( I am trying to keep our grocery expenses to under $70 a week) and to have a plan for what to eat during this crazy thing called life. It is just one way that I can live better one day at a time.

This weekend, I went to Aldi and to Kroger.
I do not have any pictures of my groceries because of this....

We found out yesterday that our application for a house closer to where I work and where Rebecca will go to school next year was accepted and we are moving NEXT weekend!! EEK!!!!

I don't have exact amounts either. I spent around $35 at Aldi and around $35 at Kroger for about $70 which wasn't bad considering I got a lot of fresh produce for this week and toilet paper, sugar, milk, etc. I HAVE to make a menu plan this week as between my work schedule and trying to pack to move this coming weekend, and hosting a yard sale for my mom this weekend, life is going to be a LITTLE CRAZY!!!!!
Now onto my menu plan:

Menu planning is one thing I can do to simplify our life and to help me live better one day at a time! I especially need it this week!

MONDAY: hamburger helper, broccoli
TUESDAY: Fish, Macaroni and cheese, salad, green beans
WEDNESDAY: hot dogs, baked beans, salad
THURSDAY: spaghetti
FRIDAY: Frozen tv dinners (we have a variety in our freezer that we need to use up) and/or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
For more great menu ideas please visit...


  1. Nothing like moving in a hurry. I've done that before. Hope it goes smoothly. The menu looks perfect for a busy week.

  2. I empathize with you on packing up the house in a week. We did that two years ago and I had a 5 month old and a toddler at the time... not fun!
    Sounds like a good menu for the week! Best wishes on your move!


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