36 weeks pregnancy update

Today I am 36 weeks along....it has been a slow process, but slowly but surely I am getting there.

I am still having Non-stress tests (NSTs) twice a week. This past week, the first NST I had went really fast. They got the results they wanted in 10 minutes. On Friday, during my second NST of the week, it took them over an hour to get the results they wanted. The baby was asleep and not moving the way they wanted him to do.

Other than that, I am still on modified bed rest. The only place I am allowed to go is to the doctors office or to the hospital for the NSTs. I haven't had much energy this past week. Not sleeping well either. Last night I DID sleep okay. I only woke 3 times.

On another note, I saw the doctor on Friday and we are thinking that if I go that far, that I will have my c-section on April 2. So potentially in 2 weeks from today!! I can't wait to meet this little man and to begin our new normal as a family!!


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