Menu Plan and To-do list for the week

Hello again Monday! One more Monday closer to meeting the new baby! I am officially 34 weeks today! I will admit that I am getting impatient but trying to be good.

Time to get one with our menu plan and to do's for this week.

This week's menu choices include:

Spaghetti and meatballs and garlic toast
Chicken enchiladas
Hot dogs and veggies
Ham and cheese, and pepperoni and cheese crescent rollups and pasta salad
Grilled cheese and veggies
???? Leftovers maybe

My to do list:

Wash the bassinet lining
Take basket of stuff from bedroom downstairs and put stuff away
Put washed laundry away
Put bathrobe in hospital bag
Collect Sports Illustrateds for my brother
Do at least 3 blog posts---bladder cancer, and pregnancy update
24 hour test for doctor
2 Non-stress tests
Call Dr. for medicine refill
update phone numbers on cell phones for when I am in the hospital
Clean off top of computer armoire
Pay bills
Mail off city tax stuff and Direct Loan stuff
Mail off books to Amazon for credit

I think that it is....If I get most of this stuff done I will be happy.

How about you? What is on your menu plan and/or to do lists this week??


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