Cutting back on tv time

I don't know if it is because I am nesting, or trying to be a good mom, or just feeling guilty about the amount of TV that my kiddos have been watching; but we have started cutting back on the amount of TV that Rebecca and Jacob watch.

I realized that they were watching upwards of 5+ hours of cartoons a day! I would turn the TV on right after breakfast (around 9:30am), cartoons would be on until lunch time (around 11:30). Then after Rebecca went to school, Jacob would watch another hour or so before his nap. Then after dinner, cartoons would be back on until around 9pm. That is A LOT of TV watching! 

We have tried in the past to limit their watching, but it hasn't worked and it was just easier to have the TV on. Alot of times I would justify that I had it on just for background noise. Well I would MUCH rather hear my kids playing than some cartoon in the background and my kids sitting like logs watching TV. However, over the last week, I just haven't turned the TV on in the morning. After breakfast the kids play, color, run around like crazy kids. And you know what....they seem more alive and happy! Most days the TV stays off until after Jacob is down for his nap and Rebecca is at school, then Bill might turn it on to watch a show of his on the DVR.

Now I am not taking the TV away completely. I am still turning cartoons on for the kids in the evening for about an hour. They each get to watch 1 half hour show. Sometimes we broke that rule, like when the Lalaloopsy movie was on the other night and it was 1.5 hours long. I let Rebecca watch it. Bill and I are still watching TV. Most of the time when the kids are up and we want to watch TV, it is usually on a sporting event (March Madness anyone?) or a cooking show. And the majority of the time the kids are ignoring the TV during those times and playing.

What I have found, is that the kids are happier. They are more active. They are becoming more independent and interested in other things (Rebecca has recently discovered she LOVES to put together puzzles, and Jacob LOVES to color on his art easel with crayons and chalk. They also love just running around and being silly. It is a happy sound for this Mommy!

And I have learned, the kids don't seem to miss the TV. Does this look like kiddos missing out on watching TV?
Coloring outside enjoying the beautiful weather---NOT watching TV!

Do you limit the amount of TV your kids watch? Why or why not?


  1. I have always struggled with this one. I would like to say I limit what they watch....but I don't. They watch way too much, and I know it.

    Mine are older than yours, so there are times that I more. And that is it.

    Good luck!

  2. I think EVERYONE can benefit from not watching too much tv... I'd never get all I need to get done if I watched tv during the day/night. I rarely watch & still seem to run out of time... As for the kids, I'll keep the tv off as much as I can. They seem to go in spurts, sometimes it's on more than others. Just need to find that balance... ;)


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