Apparently Murphy is visiting this week...

Apparently, this is the week that Murphy has decided to come pay me a visit and it is NOT a welcome one!

He showed up Sunday night/ Monday morning. At 1 AM I went downstairs to flip laundry and what I found was a washer that was off but full of water. No matter what I did I could not get it to drain. So there I am at 1 AM trying to wring out towels and jeans enough to where they wouldn't break the dryer when I put them in to dry. UGGGGHHH!!!! I was able to get a hold of an appliance person that was able to come out that day and $127 later the washer is fixed. The door lock was broken...a piece that according to the appliance guy is a cheaply made piece of c**p plastic and which is expensive to replace. Hopefully we won't have to put any more money into the washer. It is an older washer; Bill had it when we met, but we don't have it in the budget to replace a washer right now.

Tuesday morning, I realized while I was trying to get some work done from home that I lost 2 sign-in/sign-out sheets for my job that I need for billing purposes. I somehow lost Friday's papers. I don't know what to do about it. So I had to email my boss and tell her I screwed up. She was not happy about it. Basically this means that if we can't find the papers, the parents won't have to pay for that day and that is a loss of money for our program. UGHHHHH!!!!

Then tonight, I decided to eat a piece of Dove chocolate that I had in my pocket from work. As I was chewing it I felt something hard in it. I took it out and there was what looked like a piece of metal in it. I cleaned it off and realized that that piece of metal was supposed to be attached to my tooth in my mouth--it was a crown that had come off. Now I have to hope I can get into the dentist tomorrow and that it isn't expensive to fix. I believe that my insurance that I have through the state for my pregnancy coverage expires in a week so fingers crossed I can get this fixed before then. If not....I don't know what I will do.

Updated: Apparently no dentist in a reasonable driving distance from our house takes my state insurance. They all are up to their maximum. Called the health dept. dental clinic, they don't look at cases like mine and didn't know anyone that could. Finally called a dentist that had looked at a broken tooth a couple years ago, will cost $85 to see her tomorrow(Friday) for a consultation. Not sure what I am going to do. My tooth (or what is left of it) is starting to ache. And it is black and grey in most areas. I am SOOO STRESSED right now it is not funny.

I have been so stressed lately and this just doesn't help.


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