High Temps, Parades and The Avengers

This weekend was a busy, busy weekend for us. We had several things going on, not to mention the regular weekend errands and laundry.

On Saturday, Bill had to go to Cincinnati to cover a state tournament for boys volleyball. One of our local teams made it to the State Final 4 (which they lost). The night before we were still unsure if we were taking the whole family down or not. Rebecca went to bed not feeling well, so we decided NOT to go. I am glad that I decided to stay at home with the kids. It was a 3 hour drive down for the game and since they lost Bill turned around and came back home so he could be at work the next day. If they would have won, the paper would have paid for him to get a hotel, since the championship game was the next day. I am thankful that I didn't have to spend 6 hours  in the car with 3 kids. Also the weather this weekend was VERY HOT! That would have made it even worse! Saturday night, my dad and brother stopped by and we got pizza and had a good time. My kids LOVE seeing my dad, but because of his work schedule and our work schedules we spend more time seeing my mom.

Also did I mention it was HOT outside!!!! Our house has air conditioning on the main floor, but not in the upstairs (where our bedrooms are), because of the heating system. Well it was WAY too HOT to sleep upstairs, so I brought the kids' mattresses downstairs and we set up camp in the living room.

Jacob didn't get that he was supposed to sleep on HIS mattress! LOL

He figured it out.

On Sunday, Bill had to work (6 pm Newspaper deadline due to Memorial Day being on Monday). Rebecca had a birthday party to go to. I had to go out and get a gift for the party that morning. We went to my parents for a cookout. My crown fell off my tooth again. It was HOT again. We ended up not getting home until 11pm.

Yesterday was Memorial Day and we celebrated our veterans by going to see our local parade. It was great to see the WWII vets, but sad at the same time because they are so dying off at a fast rate. There were also army vehicles that were there in memorial of soldiers who had lost their lives in the line of duty.

The parade also featured marching bands, our high school's local mascot and local boy scout troops (including the one that my brother is in!)

My brother Josh is the tall blonde on on the right side of the picture holding the bag of candy to hand out.
After the parade we came home to get out of the heat, do laundry, and get some things done around the house. Last night we took our kids to my parents house so they could watch them while Bill and I went on a date.

For our date night, we went to Subway for dinner....then we went to see "The Avengers."

It was a really great movie! I am not a comic book fan, but I will have to say that I have really enjoyed all the movies that were based on the Marvel comics (like Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America!) The movie was great and all the actors were wonderful. The story line was fast moving and action packed, but with a great sense of humor as well!

Overall, it was a busy, yet enjoyable weekend! We had a lot of family fun and it was great to have some one on one time with Bill on our date night!


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