Cancer stinks

Okay so we all know that cancer stinks. We also may think that we will never be affected by it. Or at least we hope we will never be affected by it.

Well this year cancer has caught up to me. Let me tell you it does not discriminate based on race, religion, ethnicity, social class, or anything else. It does not care if it's victim is one of the warmest, friendliest people that you know. It doesn't care if it's victim is a wonderful Mother, Friend, Wife, Husband, Father, etc.

I know this because Cancer has come into the lives of 3 wonderful women that I know uninvited.

At the beginning of the school year one of the mothers at the school that I work at was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She ended up having surgery and basically having everything in that region removed from her body. She has 2 young children (Kindergarten and 2nd grade). She is a wonderful person whom I count as a friend. Thankfully, she came through her surgery and is doing well with her treatment plan.

As many of you know my mom was diagnosed with bladder cancer in February. This woman who is a great mother, a wonderful grandmother and who is a loving wife and whom I count as a friend as well as being my Mom. After undergoing 7 weeks of chemo treatments and surgery she is doing okay. Right now we are in a wait and see mode until her next appt in July.

Tonight I got the word that one of co-workers whom I also consider a dear friend has had confirmation that the lump she found in her breast is indeed breast cancer. She is a wonderful friend, an outstanding Mother and a loving wife.

Cancer doesn't discriminate. It is evil in all senses of the word and it infuriates me that it has taken aim at women that I hold in high regards.  It makes me mad that there are murderers, thieves and those who can do many horrible things that will never have to worry about cancer, and yet these three women as well as their families and friends will now always be marked by this horrible disease. It SUCKS!!!!!


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