Sorting, Purging and Storing Kids Clothes

Earlier this week I said that one of my goals was to clean out the storage room off of our bathroom. What this entails is going through all the clothes that are in there and sorting, purging and moving summer clothes to the respective bedrooms. Honestly most of the clothes in there are the kids' clothes (clothes that we saved for Benjamin, clothes for Rebecca, etc.).

At one point I had them all in totes or boxes and they were organized.

Then I got pregnant and Rebecca decided one day to go in and look for something.

Then we were given a bunch of clothes for Rebecca from a friend and they got thrown in there.

Then I was looking for something and everything just got thrown around the room.

The result was far from pretty and organized....

So my goal this week was to sort, purge and store the clothes once again. On Monday morning before I began my week I saw that 2 of my favorite blogs to read had posts up just on this topic (it was like it was MEANT for me to do this this week....). Simple Mom had a post on Managing Your Wardrobe: pregnancy, postpartum and all those sizes in between . This was a perfect read for me being a little more than 4 weeks postpartum. And Life as Mom had a great article on "Sorting and Storing Kids' Clothes". This was a great article for me too as I have clothes for the kids that they need to grow into!

So this is what went down and what I did...

The first thing I did was clean out the kids' existing dressers in their rooms. I pulled out all winter clothes and clothes that were too little. I then put the clothes that remained back in their drawers. I put Rebecca's winter/outgrown clothes in a pile. I put Jacob's outgrown clothes in a basket to be boxed up to keep for Benjamin. And I started an outgrown pile for Benjamin as well.

Then I went in an tackled the room. I looked at every article of kids' clothes and decided if I needed to keep them for the kids' for winter or in Benjamin's case for when he is older or if they needed to be put in a box to give to a friend for her kids or if they needed to be thrown away. After that I sorted the clothes into boxes and totes and labeled them with their size....I am SOOOOOO happy with the final result!

Clean floor! No clothes on the floor!

The boxes are clothes for Ben to grow into. The middle shelf is more boys clothes and the bottom is totes of clothes for Rebecca in the next 2 sizes.
 I am SO happy with the results. The best part of this purge and sort was that I now know that I only need to buy Jacob a couple plain colored tops to go with his shorts and a pair of sandals, and I need to get Rebecca a pair of sandals and that is ALL I need to have for the kids for summer! Yay! So not only by cleaning and sorting to I get to know what my kids' have in terms of clothes BUT this way I don't overbuy and I wil save money this way!

Oh and another bonus, was that it only took me about 2 hours to do this from start to finish! Yay!

Have you sorted or purged your kids' clothes recently? How do you store your kids' clothes?


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