Sunday Night Chit Chat

Time once again for Sunday Night Chit-Chat...hosted by our friend Carla!

Bill took this picture of me and the kids at the park today. We took the kids to the park for lunch and to play. It was Benjamin's first time to the park.
What are you.....


Right now I am not reading anything. I received 2 books this week to read for reviews though...


Not watching anything right now. I have been watching LOTS of reruns of "Everybody Loves Raymond" recently! There are so many similarities between his life and mine.

Listening to?

Mickey Mouse on the tv. Benjamin cooing in his swing next to me.


Made no bake choc peanut butter bars this week. They were sooo good!!!! Am starting eating better today and trying to lose weight. Been eating too much easy junk food instead of good food. 

Happy you accomplished this week?

Got my Secret Sister swap gifts bought. Got both Rebecca and Jacob sandals for summer to play in.  

Looking forward to next week?

Going back to work. I will miss Benjamin, but I need to go back for me. A less stressed out hubby (hopefully!)....

Thankful for today?

That the sun was out today! That we had a fun time at the park this afternoon. That I was able to cuddle with Benjamin this afternoon and nap.


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