Bad storms = No power

Just a quick update----

 On Friday we had some nasty storms blow through, with wind gusts upwards of 80-85 mph. It knocked out power to almost everyone I know. These are the same storms that have caused power outages to over 2 million people in the USA. There was over 500,000 out of power in Central Ohio. Power lines were knocked down, etc.

We finally got power back on last night around midnight. We were out since Friday afternoon.  Am working today on cleaning out our fridge and freezer and throwing out the food. It is one heck of a way to defrost and clean.

Hope everyone out there is safe and staying cool! And that if you don't have power, your power will be back on soon.


  1. Ugh, I'm so sorry. We haven't seen a drop of rain in a month, it's super-dry here, and there are 13 huge fires going in the state right now. It's scary!

    1. The weather across the country is frightening. Here it is in the upper 90s each day (avg high is upper 80s)and these dangerous pop-up storms. I feel for you though with the fires. Where I live in Knox COunty in Ohio we had several ground fires started because of electrical lines falling and the ground being so dry.


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