Benjamin turned over and my to-do's

Over the past couple days, whenever I have had Benjamin laying in the floor on his play mat, he has been trying to turn over onto his belly from his back. He will roll on his side and then get mad that he can't make it all the way over. Well he was doing this again last night. I had to do something real quick on the computer, so I focused on that for a second and then turned back to watch him and this is what I saw....

He was so proud of himself. When I got down next to him and asked him what he did, he just started smiling! I am one proud Mommy! He turned over again later when Bill was home. He fell asleep on his side and when he woke up he turned over onto his belly and then went right back to sleep :)

In other news, I have some accomplishments I would like to get done this week as well. They are:
  • cut up peppers from the farmer's market (2 weekends ago) for the freezer
  • figure out what is needed for Rebecca for school and start looking for the best prices
  • date night with Bill
  • Read a chapter of "Every Day a Friday" each night
  • Clean out, sort and organize arts and crafts cart
  • Call and schedule Benjamin's Baptism
  • Count calories of everything I eat and record in food journal
  • clean and organize desk area
  • Take 3 boxes of stuff that is sitting in the hallway to Goodwill to donate
  • Mow grass (or get Bill to) and apply weed stuff on driveway
I hope to get all most of this done this week. Work starts back this week as well, so I am going to try to get some hours in, although that is completely up to me. For the next 2 weeks it is not mandatory for me to have any hours, but the money would definitely help.

Hope everyone has a great week! :)


  1. Oh, I'm so proud of Benjamin, he's growing up to become one very persistent man;-))) I would actually love to learn more about the "Every Day a Friday" book - the name sounds toooo tempting!


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