Sunday Night Chit Chat

Time once again for Sunday Night Chit-Chat...hosted by our friend Carla!
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My kiddos--- Man they are all growing up way too fast!

What are you.....




I have the Texas Rangers vs Anaheim Angels baseball game on.

Listening to?

The T.V. and to Benjamin kicking in his seat trying to get his frog stuffed toy.  


I made chicken enchiladas for dinner tonight. They were yummy! Can't bake anything because I have let myself run out of flour and sugar... :(

Happy you accomplished this week?

We took a short family trip to Newport Kentucky (hope to get that blog post and pics up Monday or Tuesday) and had a blast. Made it to the farmer's market on Saturday and got lots of yummy produce.    

Looking forward to next week?

Trying to get some things set up for a new lifestyle--weight loss challenge.

Thankful for today?

My family and friends.

Bonus question:
What is your favourite summer food and/or drink treat?

My favorite summer food treat is probably ice cream and funnel cakes at the summer fairs and festivals! :) My favorite summer drink treat is frozen daiquiris (alcohol) and fruit smoothies. 
So there you have it. A little glimpse into my world on this Sunday night! Hope everyone has a wonderful week and remember to link up to our wonderful chat host Carla! :)


  1. Kids grow like weeds don't they?! lol! Yours are especially sweet!! :) I loved "The Help"! How are you enjoying it so far?


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