Busy, Busy, Busy

This week is a busy one.

Saturday started out early. I was at Walmart at 7am to get a b-day present for a friend of Rebecca, then went and did grocery shopping. Home at 9:15 to put groceries away, etc. TV died. Took Rebecca to her b-day party, went to Walmart and bought an entertainment center, went to Kmart and bought a new tv, picked Rebecca up. Back home. Spent 5 hours putting together entertainment center with Dear Hubby.

Sunday Rebecca and I went to church, came home and picked the boys up. Went to breakfast/lunch with my parents and siblings. Came home and started cleaning the house, doing laundry, etc. Watched a movie and stayed up way too late.

Monday, I was very productive. Took Rebecca to school. Came home, threw dinner in the crockpot. Made homemade applesauce with some apples that were going bad.  Did more laundry. Went to work and came home and made biscuits with dinner.

Today, I took Rebecca to school, came home and went back to bed. Got up went to work and came home. Bill and I took the kids to Burger King for dinner because as a family we are giving up fast food for Lent (starts tomorrow). Took Rebecca to her school for science/knowledge fair night. Back home for baths/ bed time.

Tomorrow I have to volunteer at Rebecca's school for jump rope for heart in the morning and work in the afternoon. Then Bill will probably go to work at some point.

Thursday is Valentine's Day and I have to make 2 cakes to take to school on Friday.

Friday I have to volunteer again and work.

Busy, busy, busy. It is what it is.


  1. No rest for the weary & the wicked don't need it... ;)


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