Guess who is crawling??

Benjamin is 10.5 months old. He is a big kid. He weighs close to 35 pounds. That is big for his age.

I think because of his weight he is a little behind in his gross motor skills development. He was a little late to sit upright and stay upright on his own.

Well today he has decided that it is time to crawl around and get into everything. Just out of nowhere he decided to start going around getting into papers and toys that he really, really wanted!

It was really exciting to watch him as he realized that he could get where he wanted to go.

So now that he is mobile, I have to be extra diligent about what is on the floor, etc. Hard to do with a 3 year old that just likes to drop stuff as he goes....After the boys went down for their naps I cleaned the living room floor and sorted toys and swept the floor under the couches and chairs. I even took the rugs out and dusted them.

So Benjamin is on the move! This should be a fun ride!


  1. Oh wow he's getting SO big!! What a cutie pie! Get ready for trouble! ;) lol!!


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