February Goals update

How is it that it is already February 17th?? Time is flying by....but I guess that is how life is when you are busy!

I thought I would take a moment to update my progress, or mainly lack thereof, on my February goals....So here goes....


  • Spend no more than $300 on food. ~Through today I have spent $267 on food. I am ready to give up on this goal as food prices are skyrocketing....:(
  • Spend no more than $150 on household supplies (trash bags, diapers, etc.)~ So far I have spent  $100 so right on track... 
  • Look into cheaper auto insurance~ NOPE
  • File 2012 taxes~ NOPE
  • Open new checking account at a different closer bank (as ours has decided to start charging us fees of $18 a month for the same service we have been getting for free.)~ Have started this process. Hubby opened an account, but still need to get my name on it and get direct deposits from work transferred.
  • Take pictures of and list baby items on Craig list (swing, bassinet, jumper, etc.)~NOPE
  • Declutter our master bedroom~NOPE
  • Work up to drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day ~ Working on...gave up pop for Lent so am working on replacing with water
  • Menu plan each week from pantry first, then around sales ~NOPE
  • Lose 4 pounds ~ I am actually down 6 lbs from the last time I weighed myself.
  • Give up pop and sweets for Lent ~ Ongoing. Gave up pop, fast food, and chocolate and candy.

So there you have it. Haven't really done a whole lot for my goals this month. I have been super busy but that should not be an excuse. Need to step it up and work on those goals.

Did you make any goals for February? Care to share how you are doing?


  1. It is soo hard to stay on track with food costs, prices are shooting up like mad! I just put in an organic pork order, and am dreading getting my total bill. lol! Oh well... my goals are going SLOW.. I should check up on them and see if i'm anywhere near accomplishing any of them actually! *blush*


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