It has been snowing here all day....

It has been snowing here all day long. Not the heavy, fluffy, fast accumulating snow but the light but steady all day snow that can be an annoyance.

It started right this morning around 7 am and I would say we have a good 4-5 inches on the ground and it is still coming down.

Our weatherman kept saying on facebook that there might be 1-2 inches, but nothing of any effect, etc. I think he was wrong.

Any hoo, because of the snow, the after school care program where I work was shut down so I essentially got a snow day. Bill got Rebecca from school and now we are just enjoying an afternoon at home with no pressing obligations.

Instead I surprised Bill and Rebecca with fresh baked cookies when they came home from school...They are chocolate chip, but with red food coloring added to make them more special for Rebecca since her fave color is red! 

and Rebecca has been having fun painting while her brothers are down for their naps/quiet time.

Bill is off down in his man cave cleaning up/ messing around or doing whatever it is he does down there.

I think I will write some book reviews (I have 4 I need to do!) and then think about dinner.

I hope everyone has a relaxing day!

What is the weather like where you live?


  1. It snowed all day here on Monday too, and now it is snowing again! Looks like you all made the best of it!

    1. It is snowing here again! It was nice to have a low key evening at home with the family.


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