It has been one of those days....

So today has been one of those days where you just want to hit the start over button.

It is not even 11:30 am yet and yet it feels like it should be 7:00 at night.

Couldn't sleep again last night. Was awake every 2 hours.

Woke up at 6:00 am with a huge headache.

Got Rebecca ready for school, then went to call Bill only to find out his phone was out of service.

Called Straighttalk as we are supposed to have service through 2/9 and he still had over 600 minutes left as of yesterday morning (according to my acct online and a text we got yesterday), only to be told their customer service hours start at 8am.

Receive a phone call from my boss...she has pinkeye and a cold and won't be in today. She is trying to find a replacement, but if she can't then she will come in for the last hour. She knows where she got it (one of our preschoolers) and I worked with her for several hours yesterday so this should be interesting to see if I get it.

Back on the phone with Straightalk. After 15 minutes or so explaining the problem the woman said she would credit the acct 500 minutes and 500 text and 29 mb of data because it was a glitch on their end. Phone changed to say 1 service day left. Can I make calls and text right away? Yes she says. Hang up with her. Try to make a call on hubby's phone...doesn't work. Call back. This time the CSR tells me that I have no minutes, etc. After going around and around with her, I ask to speak to a supervisor. Again after another 15 minutes going around and around, she suddenly agrees to credit our account. Then she tries to get off the phone. I said can you tell me how many minutes, etc. was added. She sent a text to the phone to show what she added.

Get off the phone with her and the school calls. Rebecca fell and hit her head on the table, cutting her ear in the process. So pack the boys up to go look at her ear. She is more upset because she thought I would make her go home. Thankfully the principal got the bleeding stopped, so I just had her butterfly bandage it and she was able to stay at school.

Come home and was supposed to have a friend come over to observe Ben for her infant development class. She is late coming over.

At this point I realize I have had nothing to eat or drink so make myself a quick smoothie. Bill calls and wants to know what is for lunch. I said fast food.

After eating, I had to make 13 cans of spaghettios for work and splattered it on me while I was transferring it to my crockpot to take to work.

At work, I go to get the Kindergarten and Rebecca's teacher tells me that during gym class in the afternoon, Rebecca ran into another student causing a cut under her eye from her glasses and her cheeks were starting to bruise up from the run in with the table....

Today is one of those days I just want to hit the restart button on and just do over....

Have you ever had one of those days? What do you do to counteract the day?


  1. Aww... sorry for the rough day!! Chin up, tomorrow is a new day!! Hugs! Ps - LOVE your new display photo! You look just beautiful!! :)

  2. Oh my Rachel, poor Rebecca, Yeah I have have had start over days. Wish I was close enough to run supper over to you, because I would.


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