Cakes, St. Nick, weather and putting up our Christmas tree

So I got all 10 of my cakes baked and frosted....took 8 of them into work with me yesterday and put them in the walk in cooler in case of bad weather today. Last night I frosted the last 2. Then I made peanut butter tarts to take in to my work party today......

Well don't you know that Mother Nature had other plans. Got a text this morning at 5:40 that school was closed today, meaning staff meeting was cancelled as well. Our surprise luncheon will now take place on Monday....Got an email that said that the St. Nick dinner (were the 10 cakes needed to be) was going to be decided around 2-3pm depending on weather. Most of the day we just had light snow showers, although there was a thin layer of ice this morning, which I believe is why they cancelled school. Got the call a little after 3 that they were postponing the St. Nick dinner for a week until next Friday, so I really hope that these cakes will freeze with little problem.

So instead of working and taking cakes into work, I got to spend the day at home with the whole my husband was taking his last 2 vacation days of the year yesterday and today. We had a lovely day.

It started out with the kids finding some goodies in their shoes they left out for St. Nicholas last night. We have decided to start this tradition in order to incorporate this Saint into our Christmas celebrations. The kids each got a new ornament that represents their year, and Jacob and Rebecca got M&Ms too. Rebecca's ornament was a girl softball player, as this was her first year playing softball. Jacob got a batman ornament as he has gotten into the super heroes. Benjamin's ornament was a "Sofia the First" ornament, as that show keeps his absolute complete attention when it is on. He LOVES the show.

Rebecca was happy that we got to have a whole family lunch (I made frozen pizza and the kids had oranges).

After Benjamin went down for his nap, we moved the toys in the living room to another area of the downstairs to make room for the tree. Then Bill, Rebecca and Jacob got to work putting up our Christmas tree. There was a funny moment when Rebecca referred to the garland as "Garlic"...LOL

While they were putting the tree up, Rebecca requested to watch the "He-Man & She-Ra :Christmas Special " that I had bought a couple of years ago as a joke for Bill for Christmas. Then we watched "Miracle on 34th Street." while finishing up the decorating of the tree and putting the stuffed animals in front of the tree, to hopefully keep the kids (especially Ben) from taking ornaments off the tree.

After dinner, we watched Rudolph and then Frosty, as the snow continued to fall outside. Then we did the kids' advent calenders and read a Christmas story and the kids went to bed.

Overall, it was a very nice day.

Tomorrow I hope to get the rest of the house decorated on the inside at least. Not sure when we will get to decorate outside, as they are calling for really cold tomorrow, then more snow and ice on Sunday.

Have you put your Christmas tree up yet? 
Did you get any winter weather from Mother Nature today? 


  1. So glad that you had such a nice family day. Your cakes are beautifully decorated.

  2. What a nice day - I treasure snow days when they come along because there I am all set for work and I get to stay home instead!! We haven't had any so far this school year but not giving up hope hahaha!


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