Gratitude Sunday #7

Life is so precious and I have been feeling overwhelmed with everything that is going on that often I am not taking the time to be grateful for what I do have and the good things in life.

Now is the time to change that.

I hope to come back here every Sunday and tell things that I am thankful for....


This week I am grateful for: 

FOR BLESSINGS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR THAT ALLOW US TO BLESS OTHERS--This year we were able to pick a name off of our church giving tree and bless a child with a couple of gifts for Christmas. We were able to show our kids that giving back is important as we have been shared many blessings.

FOR YUMMY TREATS---On Monday, we had our rescheduled staff luncheon....and there was yummy treats (veggie pizza on crescent yummy!) and good conversation and just a feeling of goodwill. 

FOR A CHRISTMAS BONUS---On Monday, I received a $25 gift card to Walmart as a Christmas bonus. It may not seem like much, but it helped to buy diapers and a couple of other things when I had to go to Walmart on Friday.

FOR CHRISTA--- We have one college girl that works for us that will be leaving after January to begin her life as a teacher. She worked everyday last week during finals week and was a real God-send as we had people out sick and she kept the kids busy and entertained, even bringing in her future sister in law to do some ballet demonstrations with the kids. She is going to be working as an intervention specialist and she will be awesome! 

FOR BENJAMIN NOT GETTING HURT--- On Thursday morning, Benjamin fell out of his crib while I was taking a shower before getting the boys up for the day. He did not cry, nor did he have any signs of being hurt. I am VERY grateful that he was not hurt, although I was nervous for the next couple days after watching him very closely! 

FOR BEING DONE WITH MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING--- I was able to pick up the last thing this week, so I am all done! Now to just wrap and get things together. 

FOR SNOWY WEATHER--- Saturday brought snow and some rain to our area...Bill was home all day as the game he was supposed to cover got cancelled so he was able to take the kids outside and they built their first snowman of winter! 

Overall it was a good week, with lots to be grateful for. It is really in the little things that I am finding gratitude and I hope that you are as well. 

What are you grateful for this week? 


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