I'll be in the kitchen....

For the next day or so, if you need me I will be in the kitchen.....

I have 10 cakes to make for my daughter's school's St. Nick dinner Friday night. And yes I volunteered to make them out of my own free will. It is an easy way for me to get volunteer hours and I really don't mind.

AND I have to make pecan tarts and peanut butter cup tarts for a surprise work party on Friday. My boss and I are throwing a surprise Christmas lunch for our staff during our regularly scheduled in-service time. I am in charge of desserts....

Yes I know that I am insane, but that is okay I guess.

So if you need me in the meantime...I am up to my elbows in flour, sugar and butter in the kitchen!

Have you done any baking lately? 


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    1. I did enjoy it :) It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be as I found a ryhthm and my husband was home to keep the boys out of my hair. lol

  2. No, I haven't done any baking for awhile though your post is certainly got me thinking about it!!

    1. I recommend it as a stress reliever :)

  3. Dang Girl! You are a saint.

    I bake rarely....perhaps I will now that you have inspired me! :)

    1. I am definitely not a saint, but thank you for the compliment :) I love baking and for me it is a stress reliever.


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