New to us furniture

A couple of months ago, Bill and I were talking and we decided that in early 2014 we were going to use some of our income tax return money to buy a new set of living room furniture as ours was showing it's age. It was Bill's before we met, and then has had to withstand kids! One of the cushions no longer zipped closed and has to be held together with safety pins, it was sagging a little, the foam cushions weren't as sturdy as they used to be, etc.

Fast forward to last week.  I received a text from my mom asking if we wanted their living room set as my parents had just bought a new set.  This question could not come at a better time. So of course I said YES!

This is what we had before: 

Well Saturday my brother loaded up the couch and love seat and brought them over to our house in his truck. And hubby and my brother took our old set out to our garage and brought the new set in.

And this is what we have now: 

We now have more seating and furniture in better condition! I think it looks a lot more put together. I feel so blessed that we received this generous gift.  Now we can use most of our tax money to pay down debt!

Have you been gifted anything recently?
How long have you had your living room furniture?  


  1. Yay!! What a blessing! It looks great and very comfy!! :)

    1. It is very comfy...almost too comfy. If I sit on the couch too long, I want to nod off! LOL

  2. Nice set - I love green. My green sofa is 20 years old - its still in pretty good shape but I'll be selling it before we move to PEI. My love seat was my mother's and is about hmmmmm at least 25 years old. I sure get my money's worth! Haven't been gifted with anything lately but then I'm trying not to accumulate anything more before we move!

    1. This set is about 10 years old but in much better shape than ours was. It is better quality made than the set my hubby had when we met.

  3. Awesome! How nice that your parents thought of you before getting rid of their old set. My home is peppered with older possessions-a quality that is hard to find today.


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