Christmas presents from work

This week has been kind of a blur---as the last week before Christmas vacation usually is when you work in a school. Tuesday night, Rebecca had her school Christmas play performance and it was beautifully done. Each year the music teacher writes and directs a new Christmas play. Last year, the play was loosely based on a Harry Potter type of theme. This year, the play was centered around WWI and the fact that the soldiers stopped fighting on Christmas Day. It was called "Christmas in the Trenches." It was very well done, and Rebecca's class was the choir of children and they did a great job!

Typically there is only one day of school after the play, but this year there was 3 days of school to get through. It was a very busy 3 days, with a LOT of kids in our after school program but that is okay. Job security right?

Part of the reason for the business, was that I decided to make kolacky for my coworkers. Kolacky is a Czech cookie. The recipe I use was passed down from my Great-Grandma who immigrated from that region.  The cookies were a hit with my co-workers and their families.

Today was our last day at work for 2 weeks. Rebecca doesn't go back until Jan 6 and that is when I return to work as well. It will be nice to have 2 weeks off.

Yesterday and today, I was presented with some yummy treats and presents from some of our after school care kids and from our parish family.

First off, from my after school care kiddos---
Yummy chocolate dipped pretzels and money
Local honey, tea and candy

homemade caramels and peanut brittle
Tim Horton's gift card

This was another one of my gifts that was very cleverly wrapped. Here it is in it's wrapping....

And here is what it was made of....

Today I also received a couple more chocolate dipped pretzels, a card, a huge marshmallow dipped in hot chocolate and peppermint, and some fudge. 

AND if that wasn't enough, there was a $20 bill stuck in my pay stub as a bonus from the school that I work at.

AND....I am not sure what to think about this, there was also an envelope waiting for me at work addressed to my husband and myself. I waited until I came home to open it, and Inside there was a card and $240 cash!! It was signed from your church family. I don't know who put this together, but it is such a blessing at this time of year. 

Overall, I am very blessed working where I am and I have such great kids and parents to work with and I feel blessed beyond measure to be associated with our church. 

So all in all it was a very blessed week! 


  1. What a wonderful, if busy, week you have had. I hope some rest is on your way.

    My polish husband makes cookies similar to that and calls them kolaczki. :) He says that all of Eastern Europe shares recipes, stories, and history, just not that way they spell things. They are delicious, and yours look super yummy too.

  2. That's wonderful!! :) God always provides!

  3. I am sure the play was wonderful! You certainly were blessed by so many this week. You are very lucky to have such wonderful people around you and to love your job.


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