Christmas decorations

Over the weekend, I was able to finish decorating the inside of our house. Really it is mainly decorating our living room.

We put the tree up on Friday.

Then Saturday I set out to put up our knicknacks and other Christmas themed items. I started working after we got our new to us furniture set up.

I made the nativity scene the focal point of our mantle, as I do every year. I would love to one day have a larger one, but the one that I have is the first one that dear Hubby and I got when we were married.

On one end of the mantle, is a lighted Christmas tree that we have never been able to use because the light was stuck in the inside. Well this will be our 10th Christmas together and this is the first year we were able to get the light out and actually use the tree. I love it, as it reminds me of one that my Grandma had at her house. Since we do not have end tables anymore, I set all of my Santas on the other end of the mantle and I love how the grouping turned out.

I also put our wreath on our front door and switched out the artwork in our downstairs bathroom to a snowy scene artwork.
I love how festive our house looks. And I love how our living room looks with our new to us furniture and all the Christmas decorations!

Have you decorated your house yet? 
Do you have a favorite Christmas decoration? 


  1. Nice job! We finally decorated our house this weekend too, and I'm so glad to be done with it :) This year we use a tiny nativity that Hubby's uncle made before my man was even born. We inherited it from his Grandma and we love it's simplicity.

    1. I like ours too, but feel like we need something larger to maintain the focus on keeping Christ in Christmas.

  2. Right now our house is decorated with hammers, nails, tools and other reno related stuff. Does NOT put me in the holiday mood for sure lol!

    1. I cannot imagine doing home renovations during the holidays! I hope you get to enjoy some of the holidays!


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