Meeting Santa 2013

On Sunday, we had the opportunity to go to my In-laws community and to go see Santa Claus. Every year, their community hosts a get together for the kids where they can do crafts and things and then see Santa. Well this year every time slot filled up in less than 3 hours. We are fortunate that my sister in law is on the community board of directors and signed the kids up early.

You first went into a building that was all decorated for Christmas and the kids met Frosty and Rudolph.

 They were able to do crafts and get some snacks while they waited. We also took a family photo on a sled.

Then we went on a sleigh ride to the other side of the park where we were to see Santa. The kids loved riding on the horse drawn carriage sleigh.

As we were walking up to see Santa, the kids were greeted by "Scotty Pine" the talking Christmas tree. They had it set up with video and a microphone where the adult could talk to the kids and interact with them while being completely hidden from view. He told the kids some knock knock jokes and even commented on Rebecca's kitty earmuffs!

Then it was time to see Santa. Rebecca told Santa what she wants for Christmas ( a princess tiara).

Jacob did not want to go near Santa, unless I was right next to him. He would NOT sit on Santa's lap for anything.

Benjamin didn't mind sitting on Santa's lap, but at the same time, he is very laid back about everything so I was not surprised.

After we left, we then took a carriage ride back to the first side of the park and we left to go to my in-laws house for dinner and to celebrate Rebecca's birthday with them.

Overall, it was a great day! I am so grateful that my sister in law wanted to do this for my kiddos. They had a great time and I am sure will remember it for a long time.

Have your kids been to see Santa yet? Do you take your kids to see Santa? 


  1. What a wonderful day and i can tell Rebecca really really loves her kitty earmuffs :)

    1. She LOVES those earmuffs. She got them on Thanksgiving for her birthday and she wears them ALL the time...LOL...


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