February Challenge time!

Looking back at my goals for the year, they were basically divided into 2 categories---personal and financial for the family. Since January's challenge was focused on finances, I have decided that February's challenge will focused on personal. Well this month, I am still going to be looking at ways to work on our financial picture. I am also going to be focusing more on ME.

In January, we gave up fast food as a family for the month as part of the challenge. Well Hubby and I are going to re-introduce eating out this month. Last month, I lost 5.4 lbs. And I know that this is because we gave up on eating out. Well with the reintroduction of eating out, something has to give if I want to keep losing weight.

This brings me to the February challenge for myself:

My goal is to do some form of exercise for at least 15 minutes every day in February beginning today! 15 minutes is a short enough time that there can be NO EXCUSES! This will lend itself to my goal of losing 40 lbs this year.  I want to make exercising a habit. I want to lose weight. I have several exercise DVDs that I can do. I have a Wii Fit game that I can play. On days where it is not -25F outside, I can try to get in a quick walk. Time to make my health a priority.

Wish me lots of luck! I know that I will need the encouragement!

Do you have any challenges you are facing head on this month? 


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