Knowledge Fair and Rebecca's lion

Last night, we headed out to Rebecca's school to see what projects all the kids had done for the school's annual knowledge fair. Something Rebecca was so looking forward too! It was all she wanted to talk about all week.

What is a "Knowledge Fair?" you ask.

This was the gym of Rebecca's school last night, full of the 6-8th grade knowledge fair projects.

Well think science fair, but with all grades involved. At my daughter's school, Kindergarten through 4 grades do a science report on varying topics depending on the class,  5th grade does an economics project and 6-8th grades do a science project (complete with boards, presentations, and judging from local high school and college teachers to see who if anyone goes on to the district science fair). All of these projects (minus the actual experiments) are completed in school only with no parent help on reports or project boards. Then on Knowledge Fair night, the kids all present their projects to their parents and the community.

This year, the first grade did animal reports. They had to research an animal. They went through the points of the writing process and then had to write and type out a report on their animal. They also had to craft their animal using recyclable materials and paint. The worked on these projects over the last 2 months. The projects turned out great!

Rebecca and her lion


Rebecca's animal was a lion. She did a fantastic job on her project, and she was so excited to show it off. I am so proud of her!


  1. That's pretty fantastic for First Grade!! Rebecca's lion is adorable and you can tell her a teacher in Canada thinks she did a great job:)

    1. Thanks Jane! She was so excited to show off her lion.


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