Things on my mind....


I have a bunch of random thoughts in my head is full of chaos right now....

  • Today is day 3 of Rebecca missing school. She has had a fever since Sunday. This morning her temperature was back to normal, but will have to watch her today to see if she can go back to school tomorrow. 
  • Benjamin is walking and getting into EVERYTHING that he is not supposed to. He loves to be chased around the house and tickled. 
  • It is amazing at how much Jacob is growing up. I took him to sign him up for Pre-K in the fall and since then I have noticed how much his communication skills have increased.
  • I am thankful that my hubby went and got chocolate for me last night. I have been feeling very stressed. 
  • Finally, it has warmed up a bit outside. Last night I went out at 10 to help Bill bring in a few groceries and only had on a long sleeve top and jeans and I was not cold. We are supposed to have thunderstorms tomorrow though :( 
  • I am thinking about trying to find a full time job. I am so tired of living in debt. I feel like we are standing still and not progressing forward. Scares me to death but I think I need to take this step for my family. Bill is also looking to see if he can find something else that pays more, as he does not see any promotion or any getting ahead in his current job. This has been weighing on my mind a lot. 
  • I keep feeling like we should look for somewhere else to live....there are a few things that I just don't like about our current rental and which could be issues.....
  • I need to do a major declutter of our house. It is so full of STUFF it is not funny. I feel overwhelmed just trying to keep it straightened up and cleaned. 
  • I feel like I am behind on EVERYTHING. 
  • I feel like crap right now, but will do what I have to do. I told a friend that yesterday and she warned me about working myself into exhaustion. I just have to do what I need to do. 
So that is where I am at right now. How is life going for you? 


  1. Oh, I hope Rebecca feels better very soon! Hang in there, mama, I don't remember when was the last time I felt that I finally caught up, even when the kiddos are healthy... I guess, it comes with motherhood :)

  2. I understand... I feel "mentally cluttered" as well... hope you can figure out things so that you start to feel more peace, Rachel. Hope Rebecca is on the mend sooner than later as well!! Hugs!

  3. Oh Rachel you are surely feeling overwhelmed right now. Although I was a working mom I had only 1 child and even then it was tough. Make sure you crunch the numbers to see if you'll be further ahead financially by working full-time. Daycare is so expensive! Make yourself a list of what you need to do and just try doing 1 or 2 extra things a day. First things first is for everyone to be well - everything looks brighter then. Take care :)

  4. If you go to work try to get something while your husband is home so you don't have daycare. I found cleaning buildings a great way to make pretty good money when my kids were little. I would get them into bed and go to work at 9 p.m. and be home by midnight, then take a quick nap in the afternoon. Even bringing in $3-400.00 extra a month will really help you and your mood. Because the busier you are the more you have to be organized. You can do this. it will improve your mood.


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