The cold can go away....

Seriously, this cold weather can go away any time now. Really.

Woke up to negative degrees again today (-9 F when it was time to take Rebecca to school this morning). Bill had to take our neighbor to work this morning (she works at the same school Rebecca attends), as her Tahoe wouldn't start. (Her hubby is out of town and her son works overnight so was not home). Am hoping that Bill's car starts later. He has been driving the van because of the amount of snow that is on the ground.

This is the winter that just is awful with cold and snow. We have already had close to 50 inches of snow when you add everything up. That is way above normal for us. And the temperatures are stuck at below zero. So NOT normal. I got our gas bill yesterday....:( Everyone's bills are high so I shouldn't complain, but I hate to pay a high bill like it was. I should be grateful that we have a roof over our head, food in the house, warm clothes and okay heat in our house. That is a lot more than a lot of people. Just so done with winter.
I am really trying to be positive, but it is so hard when it is so cold and I have a head cold that won't go away. :(

So try to think positive....

Good news is that we should be receiving our tax refund this week. With that we will be able to pay off one of our credit cards completely! YAY! There is some positive.....

How are you doing?
Are you having a hard time with winter?
 How is the weather where you are? 


  1. Actually weather here is great, I keep waiting for our turn.. Sorry about your head cold, how miserable. I guess we get it during fire season when we have 6 weeks of overcast smoke filled skies.


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