Yesterday's Snow Day

Yesterday, due to the 7 inches of snow that fell the night before, Rebecca's school was closed and so I didn't have to go to work. We ended up with a snow day! (Which if you are counting makes day #6, so we will have to make this one up on President's Day....)

The roads were AWFUL yesterday morning. It took Dear Hubby 45 minutes to get to work; a drive that normally takes him 5 minutes. The roads had not been plowed and there was snow, then a layer of ice, then more snow. He said it was treacherous.

The kids and I didn't have to go anywhere, so we hunkered down to stay home and have fun. I did have Rebecca do some school work in the morning (spelling word review, reading her reading book and her religion book, etc.) Then, the morning consisted of the kids playing, watching cartoons, and coloring in their new coloring books that I had picked up the day before at the Dollar Tree.

After lunch, we had fun outside in the snow. Everyone went outside and we all played in the snow. Benjamin is still not so sure of the snow, but at least this time he tried to walk in it. Rebecca and Jacob had a blast, especially when our neighbor brought his dog outside to play with them.

When we came back in, we were met by a strange buzzing sound in our mudroom. We could not pinpoint where it was coming from. It wasn't coming from outside, upstairs, the basement, just from that room. I thought it was coming from our baseboard heaters. After 10-15 minutes of trying to figure it out, I was certain that it was the heater and told Dear Hubby to call our landlord. Just as he was pulling his number up on the cell phone, I got down close to the ground in between our shelves and the wall and listened one more time. This time I could tell that the sound was coming from a storage I told Dear Hubby not to call because the sound was coming from the drawers. I pulled open the drawers and found the culprit.....Jacob's firetruck puzzle which sounds like a firetruck if you put all the pieces in the right places. LOL

After we found the culprit, we had hot chocolate and I started making a special dessert for dinner. Then worked on laundry, while the kids played. Then we pulled out the Wii and taught the kids how to play bowling and tennis on the Wii. I then made dinner and the kids got to have their special dessert.

After dinner, we watched "the Puppy Bowl" which we had recorded on Sunday...then it was time to clean up and get ready for bed. Rebecca kept saying it was the best snow day ever. I agree, it was a pretty good day!

How was your day? 


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