Enjoying the weather and getting my craft on

I know that there are many areas of the country that are experiencing not normal weather. Here in Ohio, we are one of those parts. Temperatures the last week have been in the low 60s and it has been absolutely beautiful. (That being said, temperatures are expected to go back normal---low 40s on Saturday!)

On Sunday, we were going to go to the zoo, however, Jacob threw up around 5am, so we quickly decided against those plans. Instead, Rebecca and I went to church. By the time we got home, Jacob was back to normal (we think he just ate way too much the night before for dinner). We decided instead to head over to one of the parks in our area and walk around.

The kids love this particular park as there is lots of green space and lakes where they can throw rocks. There is no playground equipment but my kiddos have never complained. They had lots of fun and it was a wonderful afternoon out in the sunshine and warm weather.

We have also been trying to get the kids outside as much as possible this week. Ben has even learned to ride his "Big Wheel" bike, which is a huge accomplishment as he doesn't like his feet off of the ground. Rebecca enjoys riding on her scooter and Jacob likes to throw the balls around.

So we have been having fun and enjoying the reprieve from the cold. What has the weather been like where you are?

In other news, I decided to decorate a little for St. Patrick's Day, which is the next holiday. I couldn't find anything that I liked for our mantel, so I decided to get my craft on and create something.

I really like how it turned out and it was very low cost, as I just had to buy the wood and the shamrocks (the wood was like $1.09, and the shamrocks were $0.79. I already had the paint and the modge-podge.) I also bought green beads to add to our candle holders at the Dollar Store. So for less than $5 I have a decorated mantel.

So that is what I have been up to...Hope everyone has had a good week!


  1. That's really cute! I used to decorate for St. Patrick's but not anymore. It's very warm here in SW Ontario but getting cooler on the weekend. Have been really enjoying my hikes except for the mud!


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