Introducing our 2 newest family members....

We have 2 new family members in our household as of Tuesday.

Let me introduce you to:

Gus Gus

and Gronk.

They are 7 month old brothers and we adopted them from a family friend of ours who was looking to get rid of them. The mom and dad are her cats and before they could get the kitties fixed mom got pregnant 2 times in a row.  

We have talked a few times about getting the kids a pet. We also said we would get them a pet if/when we get a house with a yard. Right now, we have a house but it is on the busiest street in our town and we have no backyard to speak of.

Also Jacob has developed almost a phobia of animals. We talked about getting him a pet so that he can hopefully overcome his fear of animals.

Then of course, we have had the recent issue with mice. Apparently they are bad this year, as our landlord said they are even getting into his house. Jane asked me yesterday in a comment if we had caught that pesky mouse. Well, we have caught at least 2, but I saw another one last night!

So, when I asked on facebook if anyone had a cat we could borrow, that set the ball rolling and we in the end we are new parents to Gus Gus and Gronk.

Gus Gus likes to hide under the couch and is a little more timid. Although last night, he went exploring and jumped from one kid bed to the next waking the kiddos up at 2:30 am. Now he is off sleeping somewhere. He also runs and hides anytimes I point my camera or phone at him, so he doesn't like his picture taken.

Gronk on the other hand loves to play and is really active with us.

Gronk, I think was a puppy at one point. He meets me at the door and follows me around. I am not a cat person, but he has adopted me and I will admit he is pretty cute! AND last night, when I saw the mouse, Gronk took off after it and chased it underneath the stove and then stood watch near it. He didn't end up getting it, but I am just glad he chased it and maybe he will get it next time.

The kids are thrilled. Rebecca keeps saying, I can't believe we have pets! LOL

Jacob asked if after we get rid of the mouse, if we had to give the kitties back. We told him nope. These kitties found their forever home with us!


  1. Awww those kitties are so sweet! And, I am *fairly* sure that once mice get the scent of cats, they don't come around anymore. Win/Win!


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