February Decluttering Project: The Master Bedroom (Update #2)

This morning has been crazy busy. I had to take Ben and Rebecca to school, get gas, go to the bank and then I had to take Jacob into the doctor. He failed his hearing test at school and they wanted him looked at by his doctor. So that is what we did...thankfully he passed his hearing test :-) Then I had to go pick Ben up from school, and come home to make lunch and I am finally getting to sit down to type this update on my decluttering project for February. 

One of my goals for 2017 is to give our home a deep decluttering. As I mentioned in my New Year's Goals post,  I want to take a room a month and really give it a good cleaning and decluttering. In January, I chose my nemesis-- the room/closet off of the bathroom. And I am pleased to say that I was able to declutter it completely!

After giving it much thought, for February, I decided to work on our master bedroom. What better thing to do for my husband, whom I love with all my heart, than to give him, and us, a place to truly relax in at the end of the day instead of being faced with laundry piles, miscellaneous stuff that has been stashed in our room, etc.

Last week, I didn't really do much of anything in the room. And that bothered me. ALOT! So I made sure that I made time to do at least something this week. It has been an incredibly busy week, between sick kids, running errands, doctor appointments, etc, however on Thursday I found myself with some time in the morning, so I started tackling the bedroom. I took on my dresser area and the floor around it.

Here is the before:

I took everything off the top, threw away the trash and then went through every thing that was on there. I donated some, gave my daughter some of the jewelry I didn't want. I went through the drawers and got rid of a few pieces. I then put the things that belonged in other areas of the house away. (ie. deodorant, body spray that belonged in the bathroom, towels that belonged in the kitchen, tools that belonged in the basement, etc.). Then I tackled the basket that had been sitting next to the dresser for at least a month or more. This was filled with things that belonged in other areas and needed to be gone through. It literally took me less than 10 minutes to go through the basket and put things where they were supposed to go (be it somewhere in the house, in the trash, or in the donate pile.) When all was said and done, it looks so much better.

Next, I will be tackling my husband's dresser and the bookcase next to his dresser. I started getting the receipts and things off of his dresser, but then I had to stop and get ready for work. Hopefully, I can do some work on it this weekend.

If you are decluttering in 2017, how are you doing with it?


  1. I am a procrastinator so I am waiting until I am almost out of month to begin some herculean task, since I had decided on my laundry room for Feb!

    1. LOL. Well I will admit, another thought I had on Thursday was that I didn't want to have to face everyone online if I didn't do anything. So that helped motivate me. Better late, than never at all. :)

  2. I am betting your son didn't pass due to his ear infection and fluid. Better safe then sorry but don't you hate that. Cheryl

    1. That is what we are thinking. However, the school insisted that they did it several times over 2 weeks. So who knows. The doctor's office seemed frustrated as they have seen a lot of kids in the last couple months that supposedly failed at school.

  3. I agree with Cheryl about your son....Either that or sometimes it's hard for little ones to follow directions. I know when my youngest was in Kindergarten, she "flunked" her vision test. When we brought her to the eye doctor, we found out her eyes are better than 20/20! Go figure. Anyway, I'm sure you are relieved to know your little guy is fine.
    Your progress looks awesome! I have been considering working on my bedroom this month too. I have done a few things so far but it's slow going.
    Have a great weekend Rachel!

    1. The doctor's office said it may have been the type of test that they did as compounded by Jacob's ADHD. Glad to know though that his hearing is fine. Now I can tell him that he heard me just fine! LOL

      The decluttering is slow going, but at least it is going. :-)


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