The van saga, a mouse, and sickness

So what is going on in my corner of the world???


Do you remember when I said that my hubby had been in a wreck? Thankfully he wasn't hurt, but the van was in a messed up shape.

Well, trying to get insurance (Geico) out to look at it was a fiasco and a half. It took over a week and a half (when we were originally told 48 hours) to get someone out to at least look at it. There were numerous phone calls, supervisors talked to, etc. It wasn't until my husband mentioned that he was going to contact his lawyer, that there was someone suddenly available to come look at it right away.
In the end, they totaled the van and cut Bill a check that day. It was a tiny sum.

In related news, Bill decided to go ahead and pay the ticket that he received as it would be $500+ dollars to go to court and fight it. The ticket was for $140.

Then, a tutoring client posted on facebook that she was selling her van, as she was looking to get a smaller car with better gas mileage. Well, we were the first to respond, so Bill and I headed over to her house to check it out. What is funny is that it is 2 years newer than the van that was just totaled, and it is the same color and style. After talking to her, and test driving it, Bill decided that yes we would buy it.

On that Monday, he went with her to the BMV to transfer the title and get new tags (which took almost all day as their computer systems kept crashing.)

On Tuesday, he took the van in to have the oil changed and get the windshield wiper looked at as it wasn't working. $700 later.... the windshield wipers work, their was a leak in the oil pan, and some other stuff that tells us that she didn't take care of her vehicle. Yeah, I wasn't too happy about that one. But what are you going to do?  In the end, we still ended up spending less than what we thought we would have to.


Then as if life wasn't stressful enough, Bill texted me on Wednesday morning and told me he didn't want to scare me, but he had seen a mouse in our house that morning. Okay. I went and bought traps. Rebecca saw in on Thursday morning. Thursday night, Bill checked the traps and he said one of the traps had the door closed and it felt a little heavier than when he had placed it under the cabinet. So hopefully there was only that one, but we shall see.


Then, on Thursday morning, I woke up to hearing Jacob throwing up in the bathroom at 2AM. He threw up again later that morning and had a fever. He was also complaining his throat was hurting. So, after I took Rebecca and Ben to school, I took him to Urgent Care. Diagnosis: Ear infections in both ears. SIGH.

Then, yesterday morning, Ben woke up with a fever of 102 and complaining that his belly hurt. He said his ears and throat do not hurt. He laid around all day yesterday and watched "Lego Star Wars". Today, he didn't have a fever when he woke up, but he said his belly was still hurting. He has been laying around all morning and is definitely not feeling well. I just got a note on facebook that one of his preschool classmates is also out of school today with identical symptoms. :-(

So that is what has been going on around here for the last week or so. Add in the everyday craziness and I am surprised I don't have more grey hairs than I do. LOL

How's everyone else doing??


  1. I can't believe it took Geico that long to get out to look at the van! That was ridiculous! And, also good to know, since I have Geico too! Glad it all worked out in the end and your husband has a "new" van. =)
    Sorry your little guys are/were sick....There is so much going around everywhere lately! Hopefully, you can dodge it and stay well.

  2. Sorry Murphy's been at your door. : ( Glad that you finally have a second vehicle, would caution that next time, please ask to see the maintenance records, CarFax (look on line) and have a mechanic look at it. A leaky oil pan is NOT cheap-I was married 25 years to a mechanic. Moving forward, may you have many good years with your new to you car! : ) Lot's of schools all over the country are closed due to illness-really unheard of! Stay well!

  3. Well, they say bad things come in three's so hopefully your bad luck is over for awhile!

  4. I was just thinking what Jane said! 3 things in a row and now you should be good to go for a while.
    I hate mice!


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