Valentine's 2017

We had a pretty good Valentine's Day this year. With a few special things that we did and a few that we didn't get to do...

Each day leading up to Valentine's Day, I placed a heart with a  special thing about each child on it on their walls for them to find when they woke up. The kids loved this idea, and I think it is something that I will be doing each year for Valentine's Day.

I came downstairs on Valentine morning to find chocolate from my hubby on the table!

I left out a card and a Reese's peanut butter heart for my dear hubby before I left for the morning.

The kids had school. Jacob and Rebecca took their Valentine's to school for their parties that afternoon. They both said they had fun. In Ben's class, they had their Valentine's party which I attended.

After the party, we headed home to get Bill so that we could go look at the cats that we ended up adopting.

We were originally going to go get Greek food for lunch, but decided that we had just enough time to grab some Wendy's and then head to Walmart to get cat supplies before I had to be at my tutoring session.

After my tutoring session, we took the kids to pick up the cats and bring them home.

By the time the excitement died down, I had to quickly make dinner so that Bill could eat before he had to head to work.

I had bought Valentine themed cups and napkins for the kiddos to use and completely forgot to have them use them. LOL

I also had bought things to make strawberry shortcake for dessert, but that didn't happen either.

On Wednesday, I came downstairs to find an emoji pillow on the table for me. Not sure why my husband got me the mad faced one-- is he trying to tell me something?? , but the kids really seem to like it....

Also on Wednesday, Benjamin asked me to draw a heart so he could cut it out and he did. This from the child, who has had occupational therapy issues. I think he did a great job and it was the perfect way to cap off Valentine's.

So overall, our Valentine's Day 2017 was a pretty good one! Hope yours was as well!


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