Nature Walk at Wolf Run

Hard to believe that this is the last full week of Summer vacation before school starts back next Thursday. Time flies when you are having fun, I guess. We are trying to make the most of these last few days before school starts. So earlier today we took advantage of the weather (temps were kind of on the low side-- 70s-- and although there was high humidity it wasn't too bad since it wasn't hot) and took a nature walk.

We headed out to Wolf Run Regional Park and took in a 2.8 mile hike. The bugs were out in full force and we had to spray Off on us 2 different times, but it was worth it. 

The flowers were blooming and the butterflies were plentiful.

We also saw what we believe is a red tailed hawk, a caterpillar, a grasshopper, and a snake in the pond. 

After, we left the park, I suprised the family by heading over to Wendy's for their 50 cent Frosty's. Nice surprise for the kids and cheap for the family!

It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon! Now, I should get ready for the week ahead. I need to menu plan and figure out some tutoring stuff, as well as fold some laundry tonight. The kids are having their movie night tonight and watching "The Incredibles."

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend!  


  1. Argh, now I want a Frosty!! lolz

    1. Sorry! LOL When you come visit, we can get one! :-)

  2. Great photos of your hike, love the butterfly ones! Our schools start next Thursday as well, too soon (sort of). Today's enrollment day for us and then, orientation day for 7th grade on Thursday so it's like they've almost started already. We've had lots of rain as well...not looking forward to the mosquito invasions. Hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday!


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