Weigh In Wednesday

So the last time I posted a Weigh In Wednesday was way back on June 7th. You can see that post here. I had all intentions of keeping up with it over the summer and hopefully losing lots of weight. But you know what they say about best laid plans?....

That is where I am at. This summer hasn't been the best at diet or exercising. We have had a lot of stress and stress eating. I am hoping to get back on schedule with my exercising in a couple weeks when the kids go back to school. In the meantime, I really needed to know where I stood and what damage I had done over the summer. So let's see where I stand now:  

My official starting weight (on 1/1/2017) was: 242.0 pounds!
My weight on June 7 was: 230.4 pounds.
My weight today is:
So a gain of 4.0 pounds. 
Total loss from 1/1/17: 7.6 pounds

So not horrible. A gain of 4 pounds over the summer. I can deal with that. Honestly I thought it would be much higher. There were times over July where my capris were fitting much tighter so I knew that I needed to curb the eating and move more. I did do a few hikes over the summer and will hopefully start back up when the kids go back to school. My husband is working a new schedule for work, so maybe I can schedule some hikes with him as well. Now that the farm markets have loads of fresh veggies, eating better will be easier. Also, I MUST get better at planning as in a few weeks my school year tutoring starts and I need to make sure dinners are prepared before I head to work or are easy for Bill to make. That means I can't wait until the day of to decide.... 

       If you are on a weight loss journey, how are you doing? 



  1. Keep plugging away. I'm back on Friday to see where my total loss is-basically a restart!

  2. I have a sampler in my kitchen that says "Oh Lord of second chances and new beginnings, Here I am __Again.

  3. I always think of the new school year as a reboot for things. One of those things is going to be eating better. I think it is so hard to eat right with these kids who can eat anything and want to eat all.of.the.time around! I think your doing great, you maintained a loss of almost 8 lbs over the summer months. I need to get out there a do a bit more hiking as well!

  4. Four pounds over the summer (with three young kids!) is NOT bad at all! You GOT this! =)


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