Using Nature to Feel Better

This morning, the kids were being brats and picking on each other and all 3 got sent to their rooms at one point. I just had had enough of bossing each other around, not listening, etc. It was not a great morning at all. Then, this afternoon I went to a client's house for a tutoring session, (after leaving the library where I had 2 different tutoring sessions) and no one was home. I texted and called this mom and left a message. She texted me back that she had forgot and was at the pool with the kids. Seriously, I have been working with your kids for the last 2 years. I am now working with your youngest son, the same son that I have worked with every Thursday this Summer. URGHHH!!! It totally frustrated me, so when I got home, I told Bill and the kids to get ready because we were going to go walk. After the day that I had I needed to get outside. 

So we headed out to Gambier and took in one of the trails that is part of the Brown Family Environmental Center. At one point as we were walking, Bill told the kids that I was walking really fast today. I will admit that I was ticked off and just needed to get out. I did slow down though later as it was pretty hot out. 

We saw some great wildlife today and some beautiful scenery.


As we started our walk, we came across a turkey buzzard snacking on something. There was a hawk circling as well, that was "yelling" at the buzzard. LOL 

We also saw various butterflies,

some frogs, 

beautiful flowers, 

and the calming river.


By the time we were done and the kids were playing on the "choo-choo" I was feeling better about the day and was just enjoying being with the kids and Bill. We headed home so that I could make dinner and get everyone bathed. Bill had to head out to work. 

Now I am just sitting here in the quiet of the house, listening to the Browns preseason football game that is on the TV. I need to make up a menu plan for next week and a grocery list tonight so that I can hopefully go to the store tomorrow morning. We shall see. 

Do you ever have days where everything just gets on your nerves? Does being out in nature help you deal with frustration or anger? 


  1. Yes, yes, yes! It's called being a mom!

  2. Oh so many days like that! I have to say you came up with a better bad day buster than I might have.

  3. It doesn't get better when they are older though you can leave them at home and go out alone. I would consider charging for a missed tutoring lesson if this happens all the time. Your time is valuable too, she didn't forget just didn't want to miss pool time. Cheryl

  4. Going for a walk can clear my mind. Do you have a no show/cancellation policy? Something to consider

  5. Yes! I simply step outside on our front porch or back deck a lot of times to take a breather. Outside is calming for everyone...we employ this at my work as well. If a child is having a hard time calming down, one of the teachers will take them to stand outside for a few minutes (and usually have them take some deep breaths while out there). It works wonders! Hope your weekend is better.

  6. I think you know how much I appreciate nature and the calming effect it has. You handled everything really well considering what a day you had.


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