Grocery shopping and cleaning Rebecca's room

After cleaning out the deep freeze yesterday, I headed to the grocery store this morning. We were out of a lot of things so it was a big shop. Our Aldi is closed until September for remodeling so all my shopping is done at Kroger and I can really feel the increase in our grocery bill. I spent $190 today, but saved $98 using digital coupons and sale prices. We are stocked up on several items now. I think our grocery bill will hopefully go down in a few weeks when the kiddos are back in school full time...hopefully. 

As I was putting the groceries away, the cats were having fun playing with the bags as I was throwing them on the floor. We have a vent in our kitchen and the a/c was running so it was making the bags move and make noise and that was driving the cats nuts. 

After putting away the groceries, I heated up leftover mac-n-cheese for the boys for lunch. Our neighbor's son then stopped by to ask if we could walk their dog. His dad is battling stage 4 prostate cancer and is not doing well at all. So after lunch Bill and the boys walked the dog. It is the least we can do. 

While they were out walking the dog, I decided to tackle Rebecca's room. The saying goes "while the cat is away, the mice will play." Well, this week it is "while Rebecca is at camp, Mommy will deep clean her room." LOL I try to deep clean the kids' rooms at least 2 times a year-- where I get rid of trash, declutter, etc. In the past it has taken me 4+ hours to do Rebecca's small room. 

Well, I am pleased to say that today it only took me about 1.5 hours. If she would just put stuff away where it goes, then her room would stay clean. Also if she wouldn't have her beads for her crafts all over the place, then it would stay clean. I got one full bag of trash out of her room-- papers that were trash, boxes of games/ craft stuff that she had used everything out of, etc. I also only got 2 shirts out of her room to donate. She is doing well, only having things in her room that she uses and wears. It looks so much better now. It would look even better if she was here to see it, but that will be on Friday! 

Speaking of missing Rebecca, we aren't the only ones missing her. Gus Gus really misses her. Yesterday, he would go in her room several times and meow and look for her. She is definitely his favorite human. He has spent time on our bed the last 2 days, which is very uncommon for him. Today he was all over her room as I was cleaning it. He will be glad when she comes home. 

For now, I am typing this up before I go start dinner. Tonight it is breakfast for dinner. I am thinking I will use up some pancake mix that I found in the pantry and some turkey bacon that I found in the freezer last night. Simple and easy. 

What are you having for dinner tonight? 

Hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday! 


  1. I need to go grocery shopping. Last night I just grabbed eggs, buns, hotdogs, avocados, sweet potato fries, and a four pack of cookies at the Kwik Trip because I couldn't be bothered to plan. Now that it is August, I need to do better. Tonight was a couple baked potatoes, stir friend vegetables, orange chicken and egg rolls from the freezer. Pretty eclectic, but no ones; starving.

  2. We are shopping from the freezer first right now to use whatever I can find there first. We are having some unusual meals. Oh well!

  3. Aw, such a sweet kitty cat! Well, I have no idea what we're having for dinner tonight (need to check my menu plan) but last night we had roast that I cooked in the crock pot a smidgen too long so our BBQ sandwiches were a bit dry even when drowned in sauce. I also made some frozen bagged mini tater tots to go with them. My youngest son had chicken noodle soup since he didn't like any of the meal (I had totally forgot he didn't like tater tots...and he's 50/50 on the roast). You aren't the only one hoping the grocery bill goes down after school starts!

  4. Eek! I haven't planned dinner yet! I think a stir fry will be in order as there is leftover chicken and some veggies that need to be used up.


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