Doctor's orders: "Cut back"

Last week, I went to my 27 week appointment at my OB/GYNs office.

The good news is that the glucola test that I did the week before came back fine, so I am NOT developing pregnancy diabetes.

The bad news is my blood pressure is still acting weird. Being high one day, normal another. She is also concerned because I am measuring 29 weeks instead of 27. Both of these things are kind of normal for me and being pregnant. With Rebecca I had pre-eclampsia and she came 3 weeks early. With Jacob I was always measuring further along, and he came 3 weeks early. Maybe history will repeat itself. That being said my doctor wants me to start taking it easy at home and cut back at work.

Cutting back at home is somewhat easier to do. I have given up the laundry duty to Bill. I HATE giving it up because I like to be in control of when the laundry gets done, etc. But I have to do this for my health and the health of the baby. I have also decided that I am going to do our grocery shopping differently. Since our local Walmart price matches everything, I have decided to ONLY do our grocery shopping at Walmart. I started today and price matched from 3 different stores and saved over $20 by doing so. So I have decided that that will be the plan and how I am cutting back at home.

Cutting back at work is a little harder, as last week and this coming week we are short staffed in the afternoon. I have been putting myself on homework duty so that I can sit while the kids are doing homework and I have been leaving one day early. Once this week is over and we are back to being fully staffed, then I will be making my own hours and cutting back even more. I have also given up some of my responsibilities to my boss. She is now snack shopping for the program, which eliminates me having to go to 2 different stores for snacks and prepping snacks as well. I am replacing those hours with doing some computer work from home for the program, so I am not losing too many hours (since once I go on maternity leave, there will be no paycheck for me :(  .....

So I am working on cutting back. I need to do this, even if it against who I am. I like to do these myself, but I have to make sure that I am thinking about the baby and not just of me.


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