Friday Financial Update #1


Every week in 2012, I hope to have a financial recap of the week so that I can try to keep our variable spending under control and try to get as much money toward savings and debt repayment as possible. Today is the Friday Financial Update #1.

Here is how we did on our variable spending this week. We had some unexpected things happen that equaled only 2 no spend days.

1/1/2012 --NO SPEND
1/2/2012 --21.96 Kroger (Groceries)
1/3/2012 --69.91 Walmart (Dear Hubby's Hobby)
1/4/2012 --NO SPEND
1/5/2012 --10.32 Walmart (Meds for Jacob)
               --10.75 Subway (Spend the morning at Urgent Care with Jake, needed lunch)

As I look back over this week, I can see that the grocery spending was because I ran out of stuff and went to the store for milk. I had been doing really well at only going 1 time a week, but with being at home over Christmas break from work and the kids being home, we just went through milk and food faster than normal. The Walmart charge is part of my Hubby's hobby. Yesterday, Jacob woke up with what sounded like whooping cough or bronchitis, so off to Urgent Care we took him. He has severe head congestion, so we had to get antibiotics and claritin at Walmart. And since I was not able to have more than 10 minutes without Jacob wanting to be held, I had Bill pick up lunch from Subway for us.

I guess the week could have been worse.

 As I look forward to next week, I can see more spending as our car needs an oil change, we need to get gas for the car, and I need to get maternity pants. (I only have 2 pairs of pants that I can wear and neither are really appropriate for work). Ugh...I really wish there are times that I can just say no spending for a week. That would really help.

So for this week my totals are:

No Spend Days (goal is 186 days in 2012): 2
Ending balance as of 1/5 for variable spending: $236.95

How are you doing on your financial goals for the year? Let me know. 


  1. I think all I bought this week was groceries, ughh!

  2. I really plan to utilize my deep freezer this year. Low spending every other month. That would be enough to use, and stock up when needed!


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