Friday Financial Update #3


Every week in 2012, I hope to have a financial recap of the week so that I can try to keep our variable spending under control and try to get as much money toward savings and debt repayment as possible. Today is the Friday Financial Update #3.

This week was a lot better than last week. Probably because the weather was cold and icky outside. That being said, I am still struggling with how much we spend with our variable spending.

1/13/2012--NO SPEND
1/14/2012--$8.94 Walmart
                    $ 15.07 Aldi
1/15/2012--NO SPEND
1/16/2012--NO SPEND
1/17/2012-NO SPEND
1/18/2012-$17.66 Duke (gas for the car)
1/19/2012-NO SPEND

Like I said, it was a much better week with 5 NO SPEND days. :)

So for this week my totals are:

No Spend Days this week : 5 days

No Spend Days this year (goal is 186 days in 2012): 8
Ending balance as of 1/19 for variable spending: $16.27

Thankfully, Hubby and I both got paid this morning, so I will have $110 for variable spending for the next 2 weeks. This was the paycheck that was tiny, because it covers Christmas break. Today, I will be starting to pay February bills today, so getting a head start on that. 

Also today will NOT be a no spend day, as we are expecting 3-5 inches of snow tonight and ice, and we are almost out of milk. So I will have to send hubby to get milk. But other than that we are good!

In other financial news, we are just waiting for Bill's W-2 from work, then I can do our taxes. I am hoping to get some back and not owe. We usually get $ from federal, a little from state, but we usually owe city taxes.

Well I am off for the day to pay bills, and get some other things done! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

How are you doing on your financial goals for the year? Let me know.



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