To do list for the week and Menu Plan

This week, I thought I would make out a to do list of the things that I hope to accomplish throughout the week. These are in no particular order but are things that I want to get done.
  • Read at least 1.5 books for review
  • Write 1 book review and 1 product review on blog
  • scour ads to make price matching sheet for grocery shopping this weekend
  • doctors appointment on Thursday
  • work everyday (try to leave early at least 2 days so I can cut back)
  • have 4 no spend days
  • (if Bill gets his w-2 from work) Do our taxes
  • Take blood pressure 2 times a day (per doctors orders)
These are just some of the things I would like to get done. Hopefully I can accomplish them!

Now onto our menu plan for the week:

I make a list of what we have available for the week and then I choose one each morning depending on the mood we are in and what is going on. Here is what we have available for this week:

BBQ chicken sandwiches (crockpot), peas, carrots and cucumber
Pizza calzones and green beans and fruit
Ham and cheese crescents, veggie, and fruit
Pork chop, augratin potatoes, veggie
Hamburger helper

For more great menu ideas please visit:


  1. That is a lofty to-do list :) Good luck!
    Dinners sound yummy... which reminds me I have to (decide on and) post mine.

    Moore Babies


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