Menu Plan for the week

Man the weekend went by fast. We had a good day on Saturday. Had a date night with Dear Hubby, so although money was spent it was nice. Sunday, I had to go to the grocery store and just didn't feel good. I still don't feel good. I think I caught the cold that has been plaguing Rebecca and that made us take Jacob to Urgent Care last week. Yuck. Well as a mom, I guess I just have to keep going....

So with that being said here is what we are eating this week:

Tuna Helper and Macaroni and Cheese
Pork Chops, scalloped potatoes, green beans
Ham and Cheese wraps, veggie
Baked Ziti
Italian sausage and pasta skillet

What are you eating this week? Check out for more great menu ideas!


  1. Feel better soon! We should all send you "virtual chicken soup"!

  2. Thanks Debby! "Virtual Chicken soup" would be great! :)


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