2013 Summer Learning Goals for the Kids

Yesterday I shared with you our family's ambitious 2013 Summer Bucket List.

This summer, I also want to be more intentional in making some learning goals for the kiddos. I want to do this so that I am more intentional in their summer learning and that their brains don't turn to mush with too much TV watching.
So this is what I have come up for their learning goals:
2013 Summer Learning Goals for the Kids
For Benjamin: learn to stand on his own and cruise. Learn to hold his own cup.
For Jacob: Potty training
For Rebecca: To read daily and journal. To memorize addition and subtraction math facts.
So there you have it. Some of these are going to be very challenging...potty training for one. We have tried to potty train him and he refuses profusely! And for Benjamin, we will talk to his doctor at his 15 month appt in July about seeing a physical therapist if needed. For Rebecca I need to find some sort of reading journal or something to make her more interested in reading.
Do you make learning goals for your children for Summer? If so, care to share? 


  1. Those sounds fab! And congrats for sticking to a manageable number, I would have like 80 and get none of them done and then feel like a bum.

    And if you figure out any potty tricks, pass 'em this way. Our 3-year-old is having none of it.


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