National Donut Day!

Did you know that today is unofficially "National Donut Day?"

Tim Horton's Honey Cruller--- the BEST donut in the world!

Well it is, according to lots of people on facebook and around the web.

This morning as I logged on the computer to load a couple of coupons onto one of my store cards, I noticed people talking about National Donut Day on facebook.

Then I saw that several donut chains were offering free donuts with purchases today.

Unfortunately, none of them are in our area. :(

HOWEVER, I then remembered that I had been given a $10 Tim Horton's gift card at Christmas time from one of the parents at the school I work at....and I had not used it yet.

SO, I took the kids to the library this morning. Then to Kroger's for a few deals (free Tortilla chips!) and then I surprised them with a trip to Tim Horton's.

Jacob loved his TimBits donuts!

Rebecca loved her donuts too, but did not want me to take her picture.

Because we just HAD to celebrate National Donut Day!! :) :)

Do you celebrate crazy holidays with your family? Do you have a favorite donut?


  1. Yummy! Yes, we celebrate weird holidays and totally celebrated this one. A friend brought us some donuts, so nice! I love all donuts equally. :)


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