Sunday Night Chit Chat

HAPPY SUNDAY!!! It has been a CRAZY, BUSY weekend around here with A LOT going on! Friday we went to the Children's Garden. Friday night and Saturday morning I participated in an amazing event---Relay for Life. Saturday afternoon I had a class for work. And today I left at 8:40 this morning and spent the entire day in Columbus, going with my parents and sister to see the show "Wicked." Home just in time to take Rebecca to Vacation Bible School. Now I am typing this up, getting ready to go pick her up. It has been a busy weekend and Sunday.

And since it is Sunday, it is time once again for Sunday Night Chit-Chat...hosted by our friend Carla! 
To play along simply start your post with a photo or quote... Copy and paste the starters and link up to Carla so she and others can visit you and see what you've been up to!

So here goes:

Went and saw this musical today. It was OUTSTANDING!!!! So good!
  • Reading? I am currently reading "99 Blessings: An Invitation to Life" by Brother David Steindl-Rast
  • Listening to?  The TV is on, and Benjamin is pounding on his toy drum. The air conditioner is also on as it is HOT!
  • Watching? The kids are watching "Sophia the First"
  • Cooking/Baking? Yesterday we made homemade "blizzards." So good and so much cheaper than Dairy Queen's.
  • Happy you accomplished this week? I have been super busy this weekend and so glad that it is almost over. I was gone most of the day Friday, yesterday and today...doing fun things (Children's Garden, Relay for Life, and seeing Wicked among other things). I was also able to walk 5 days....
  • Looking forward to next week? Not having much planned on my calender. This week I only have one tutoring job as 2 of my kids are gone on vacation.  Rebecca has vacation bible school but that is it. And I have nothing unusual on my calender so far.
  • Thankful for today? My husband who held down the fort for me today while I was gone all day long. I left before the boys were awake and didn't get back until time to take Rebecca to Vacation Bible school. He does so much for me and yet I know that I don't thank him enough.
  • *Bonus Question* What was your least favourite part and your most favourite part of the last week? I think I liked being busy, but did not like not seeing my hubby very much this weekend. Also don't like the feeling of being selfish since I was doing all of these things by myself and not with Bill or the kids.

So there you have it. A little glimpse into my world on this Sunday night! Hope everyone has a wonderful week and remember to link up to our wonderful chat host Carla! :)


  1. Oohh.. you're so lucky to have seen Wicked! I've heard it's fabulous! Glad you enjoyed it!! :)

    1. It was SO GOOD!!! I now know why some people go to see it everytime it is close to where they live. It is really amazing!


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