Car problems

On Saturday, Bill came home from working in Columbus (over an hour away) and he said I have one word for you and you are not going to like it.

I asked him what that was and he said: "Transmission".


We had the transmission on our Saturn rebuilt about 5 years ago to the tune of $2400.

Bill said it started having the same symptoms on Saturday when he was coming home.

So this morning, I drove half an hour to pick Bill up at a transmission place where he dropped the car off.

Thank God we have the van (which we were gifted with in December).

I am praying it is not a super pricey fix, but my gut tells me different.

I guess we shall see. Now I need to go look at our budget and figure out how we are going to pay for this.


  1. I HATE car trouble! Hope your gut is wrong and it is not expensive!


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